The Premier League proposal to ban Multi-Club Player Loans was defeated in a shareholder vote. The proposal if successful would have put limitations on player loans deals between related Clubs who were owned by entities that also owned other Clubs (for example City Group who owns Manchester City).

The Premier League shareholder vote needed a 14-6 majority for the ban to go through, but it has been widely reported the final vote was 13-7.It was a close call and reveals a key divide in English top flight football.

The move was designed to prevent a club such as Newcastle United loaning a player from another club owned by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund – and they have been linked with a temporary switch for Ruben Neves from Saudi club Al-Hilal.

The Price of Football’s Kieran Maguire outlines it was not a shock that Premier League clubs such as Sheffield United voted against the proposal as they have Saudi owners.

“It is not a surprise as the Sheffield United owner is from Saudi Arabia. When it comes to Saudi Arabian politics it is very much ‘big brother tells little brother what to do’ therefore Sheffield United vote against”.

With the Premier League recently penalising Everton for exceeding financial fair play rules, Manchester City still await decisions after facing 115 charges. The discussion moves to whether the league favours its ‘big six’ clubs as they are the face of the league and if City will receive a penalty as harsh as Everton did.

“Everton have a fair chance of reducing their penalty as there is zero evidence that it would’ve given them a sporting advantage. Some of the financial rules broken relate to them building a new stadium which they cannot occupy until 2025, that can’t give you a sporting advantage in 2020 or 2021”.

Everton had admitted to exceeding the rules; however, it is now a case of whether ten points is a justifiable penalty for the Toffees or if the penalty will be adjusted.

Manchester City fans are now looking to announcements from Gloucester Place anxiously as the football world no doubt is expecting explosive news when the Premier League finally issues the verdict on Manchester City’s outstanding 115 charges of breaking Financial Fair Play rules.