FIFA are said to be considering a World Cup every two years following a proposal from Conmebol president Alejandro Dominguez to increase the tournament’s frequency.

Simon Hill joined Box2Box and explained a biennial tournament would impact significantly on other areas of an already bursting international calendar.

“This is all about getting more of their teams into the World Cup and making more money from TV rights. We know the drill, if you need more cash you expand tournaments, make them bigger, and play more games”.

“Does it kill the continental championships? How does it affect them? Secondly, what about qualifiers?”

“If it’s going to be held every two years, your qualifying system has to be impacted, because there’s not enough time to play them.”

Hill also warned that constant tournaments could diminish the ability of the Socceroos to connect with Australia, given the amount of time they would spend overseas.

“When does Australia play competitive games at home, in front of their own supporters? You could argue it actually damages the brand of smaller nations”.

Hill praised UEFA for their recent introduction of the Nations League, a competition that has placed greater emphasis on previously meaningless games.

And although more frequent World Cup’s would similarly reduce friendlies, Hill believes it to be a step to far.

“At what point do you have saturation point? The Nations League is now a third major trophy (for UEFA nations). If you’re going to have a World Cup every two years, how do you fit them all in?”