Australian NPL clubs are staking a claim for a seat at the table in the FFA’s Governance reform process. The team spoke to their representative Tom Kalas – who said “I’ve deen involved for over 10 years working with all the clubs in Victorian football and I don’t think people understand how dire the situation is.” BoxtoBox regular, Dean Hennessey is also involved thanks to his position at Hume City shared that view “we got together to put a plan in place to help the longterm future of the game. The support from the NPL clubs around the country has been very encouraging – a lot of whom are very ambitious without really having anything to strive for. Promotion and relegation doesn’t always work, but we’re planning to get together to present our case.” Kalas meanwhile, believes it’s important to note that the NPL is, in fact, and FFA owned product. “The NPL is actually owned by the FFA – it’s given under license to the state federations to manage on their behalf and that’s an important point to note. Now with that structure, what’s happened is it’s been lost. The FFA doesn’t pay attention and the State federations have a lot of other work on. So in between all that, the clubs are caught wanting to provide the best they can for their members.” LISTEN NOW.