Football clubs around the country rejoiced this week following the FFA’s announcement they will retract their National Club Identity Policy.

Under the NCIP, clubs were banned from using ethnic monikers, names and logos, but they will be free to do so once more under its replacement, the ‘Inclusivity Principles for Club Identity’ policy.

Former Melbourne Knights director John Sigur this week joined Box2Box and commended the decision.

“All the clubs were asking for was the right to determine their own names. Not to say all clubs are going to revert to their old names, but let clubs have that choice”, he said.

Many consider the erasing of the NCIP as an important step in reconciling the game with its former NSL clubs, who were cast aside following the establishment of the A-League.

“It was a really was a toxic time in Australian football. The way the clubs and supporters, members and volunteers got treated… they copped a massive big kick in the face back then”.

Despite the wrongs of the past, Sigur is confident his club and others like it will again rise to prominence in Australia, especially with steps being made towards a second division.

“It’s an exciting time. With the NCIP being erased, the announcement of (FFA CEO) David Gallop (resigning), I think there’s genuine belief now that there is change for the positive”.

“The attraction is to let clubs decide their own path. A small club in the 4th, 5th division today could dream and know the pathway. Why should we restrict anyone in this country?”