Hyundai look set to walk away from Australian football after a 15-year sponsorship which has seen them hold the naming rights for the A-League since its inception.

Speaking with Box2Box, The Sydney Morning Herald’s Dom Bossi explained while a short-term extension may be agreed, the two are almost certain to part ways from 2021.

“There is a chance Hyundai might extend. The FFA are trying to keep hold of it, if for no reason other than stability for the short-term, but it’s looking increasingly likely they’ll no longer be with the FFA”, he said.

While numerous sponsors have cut ties with the game in recent times Hyundai would be a major blow, the $5-6 million annual deal the second biggest corporate partner the game has outside of broadcaster Fox Sports.

While many have been quick to bemoan the end of the deal as a result of the state of the game, Bossi explained Hyundai may not be in a position of exceptional health either.

“It’s not just about the state of the game, it’s also about the state of the motor industry as well. Hyundai have got a new CEO who’s come in, and the easiest way to boost your bottom line is cut sponsorships”.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Hyundai just thought they’ve milked it dry. They’ve been with the A-League for 15 years, that’s huge. The game should be grateful for any sponsorship like that”.

Whether a short-term agreement can be reached or not, a new sponsor is now another pressing task on a growing list for new FFA CEO James Johnson.