The New Leagues Working Group findings were handed down to the FFA Board the week, in a small step towards an independent A-League.

The A-League clubs, and key football stakeholders, must now agree on an independent model to take the game forward.

FFA Chairman Chris Nikou and PFA Chief John Didulica have implored those involved to strike a deal before June 30, and avoid further protracted negotiations which have dogged the game in recent years.

Fox Football’s Simon Hill backed these claims, telling Box2Box the game cannot afford another period of inaction.

“It’s incumbent on the new board to drive this game forward. The reason leaders are put in positions is to find compromise acceptable to everybody”, he said.

“We cannot allow this row to go on for another 12-18 months. We have got to get our act together and do things properly, and quickly. We cannot keep leaving the game mired in political maelstrom, otherwise it’s slowly going to bleed to death”.

While fans perennially agitate for a second division, and promotion and relegation, Hill believes a stronger A-League should be the first point of action.

“In the short term, you’ve got to look at priorities. For me, the A-League is the shopfront of the game. If the A-League is thriving, everything else should benefit”.

“If it’s got big crowds, good TV ratings, (becomes a) competitive league sponsors are interested in, and there’s a bit of competitive tensions in the TV rights market place, then long term, everyone benefits”.