With the National Second Division Working Group having convened, and the announcement a wide array of NPL Victoria matches will be live streamed next year, state level clubs are set to spend increasing time in the spotlight.

Football Victoria CEO Peter Filopolous this week joined Box2Box to discuss these exciting developments in the NPL landscape.

“There’s a lot of aspiration in community football. We want to commit towards elevating the status of the NPL, attracting new audiences, and building the profile of the clubs”, he said.

He believes the live stream announcement, which will see every NPL Victoria men’s and women’s matches available online, will go a long way towards doing this.

“This is a big step towards (raising the profile), and if the numbers demonstrated over the weekend are any indication, I think there’s good things to expect in the future”.

In regard to the formation of the Second Division working group, Filopolous was similarly excited.

“This National Second Division is enormous in terms of our nation maturing in football”.

“I walked away from the meeting really enthused around the framework, timeframe, common interests, and ambitions to make it happen”.