The FFA has announced an investigation into the dismissal of Alen Stajcic will be undertaken, and Football Coaches Australia want to be a driving force when it occurs.

FCA head Phil Moss this week joined Box2Box and pledged not only to fight for a transparent enquiry, but also to ensure coaches rights are protected going forward.

“The only thing we’re sure about as a Coaches Association is that it demands an independent enquiry”, he said.

“It’s less about the final decision to terminate Alen Stajcic, and more about the process that led to that, and allowed such a late decision in the four year cycle of the World Cup”.

Moss has led the dramatic growth of the FCA, whose membership totals 280 after less than twelve months in operation.

Moss identified procedural fairness and a unified grievance procedure, two things which the Stajcic dismissal lacked, as the primary motives of the association.

“We’re in a profession where three or four losses can mean your livelihood slips between your fingers”, he explained.

“There has to be some form of unification around that and what’s next. It’s not where you fall out of a job and into another because there’s so many opportunities”.

Moss estimated the FCA have represented 45 coaches across all levels of the professional game in Australia.

“The Stajcic case is the most high profile of our first twelve months, but there’s been plenty of others. Professional coaches coaching in A-League, National Teams, at NPL level, there’s been so many out there who need our support”.