Newcastle assistant coach Clayton Zane joins the team to discuss the Jets showdown with Melbourne City and the advancement of the club under gaffer Mark Jones and CEO Lawrie McKinna. Reflecting, firstly, on the trip to Coffs Harbour, Zane admits the chance to expose the game to some of their less accessible fans was a great opportunity to thanks them for their support. “It’s been very good. It’s a good chance for us to make the game more accessible and the perfect opportunity to come up and see some more of our fans. It’s (Tim Cahill) always going to be a big drawcard and it’s only fair on the fans that we bring one of our games up here.” Looking back on their start to the season, Zane admitted “there have definitely been big changes at the club. All over and not always obvious, but I think people like Lawrie McKinna coming into the club made a massive difference. In terms of performance though, if you look across the A-League this season, it’s much tighter.” LISTEN NOW.